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Imel Professional was founded in 1986, with the object of production, design and marketing of professional cosmetics, hairdressing products and daily care items. We specialize in the production of private labels designed according to your specifications and absolute respect for nature. We make the basic products used daily at home different, safer, more efficient, elegant and personalized to your needs and requirements. We create the best possible products so that you and your customers can trust what you use.
Imel Professional's main concern is the production of innovative cosmetics, based on tradition, know-how, quality, continuous development and absolute respect for nature, partners and end consumers.
• Our products as well as their production process have been harmonized with the international standard for good practice in cosmetic companies (GMP ISO 22716: 2007).
• Imel Professional is approved by the Hellenic Medicines Agency (EOF).
• Imel Professional products meet European standards and are notified to the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) system established to implement Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 of the European Parliament.
The ethics of eco-friendly products is more than a trend of the time and people are becoming more and more aware that the balances have changed. The preparation of cosmetics involves the creation of complex chemical molecules, which require various specialized steps and a lot of energy. This process also creates large quantities of environmentally harmful - and usually toxic - waste. Thus we find ways to improve our operating and production processes at all stages to be more and more environmentally friendly, from the handling of raw materials to the way we manage our waste, in accordance with the requirements of the law.


Imel Professional is a company for the production and wholesale of high quality beauty products, professional hairdressing and beauty salons, electrical appliances and consumables. We aim and strive to serve all countries with the reliable reports of our customers with whom we work worldwide, especially in Europe, and our growing network of customers. As Imel Professional, our assurance is the reliable and prompt procurement process.
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Imel Professional covers all the necessary steps to establish your brand. From research and development, composition, product and packaging selection, labeling, testing and manufacturing, it will create your own unique product line, tailored to your exact specifications.
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IMEL EE, based in Moschato, is equipped with mixing and bottling machines state-of-the-art technology, and produces cosmetics that belong to 15 different categories production processes, while the production and bottling processes are quality controlled at all stages (from the raw material to the final product).
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