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Payment Methods


You can pay for your order in the following ways:

• Cash on Receipt (no extra charge) or Debit / Credit with POS

Upon receipt from our warehouse with cash or credit / debit card.
The use of POS is valid ONLY for orders under 500 €

• Bank deposit:

If you do not have a credit card or if you are not accessible at home, you can pay your order by deposit the money in our bank account.

In order to avoid mistakes and delays, please state your name and order number in the transfer.

Then please send the deposit slip by fax at 210 9763190 or via e-mail at

The bank accounts where you can deposit money are the following:

→ PIRAEUS BANK: 5022070447632 - Beneficial owner: IMEL L.P. - *IBAN: GR6301720220005022070447632


→ NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE: 11700198952 - Beneficial owner: IMEL L.P. - * IBAN: GR6801101170000011700198952


→ EUROBANK: 00260202390201434327 - Beneficial owner: IMEL L.P. - * IBAN: GR6202602020000390201434327

→ ALPHABANK: 144002002018635 - Δικαιούχος: IMEL ΕΕ - * IBAN: GR9301401440144002002018635


* Please note that in case of transfer, the costs borne by the depositor.

• Credit Card

For purchases made by credit card, the customer should follow the instructions in this online store. In the order form he/she should complete the number and expiration of his/her credit card. The credit card will be charged after preliminary inspection and certification of data and validity.

The customer is the only responsible for the proper recording and clarification of data of his/her credit card. In this same way and following the same instructions is made the payment by using debit card.

In order to provide a safe electronic credit card environment we use the security system provided by  Piraeus Bank, which is based on international protection company transactions (GLOBE SSL) supporting a secure transaction environment.

• Paypal

For orders to Cyprus:

The payment is only through: Credit card, Paypal or Bank deposit (apply the above account).